Bathroom Installations

  • One way to ensure your bathroom plumbing remains stable and strong is to have an engineer come in periodically to inspect the system.
  • Whether you need a new bath installed or a toilet repair we undertake all projects small or large, installation of showers and full bathroom suits, wet-rooms and any other associated bathroom work.
  • Discover the highest quality bathroom plumbing and sanitary ware installation when you call 073 7586 3320 today.

Are you looking for budget refurbishments or a new installation? We are the team to call. Our bathroom engineers are extremely experienced and well qualified, able to turn their hand to any type of bathroom project. Modern, traditional or bespoke, we will create the bathroom that you want at a price you can afford.

Keep your bathroom Healthy

Despite the aesthetic value of the modern bathroom, they are really all about plumbing. Tubs, showers, basins and bidets all rely on a functioning plumbing system in order to work correctly and it always begins with the installation. Although the plumbing in your bathroom may be out of sight, if it is damaged and leaking beneath the surface, the function of your sanitary ware will be affected, as well as the safety of the structure.

Tiny pinholes can develop over time that may cause wood to rot and mould to form, even though everything looks fine on the surface. When you have the plumbing inspected, the engineer can identify small issues and take care of them before they have a chance to become bigger problems. Rotting, mouldy wood in your bathroom may require large-scale renovations that are both costly and time-consuming.

Work We Do

  • Tap installation
  • Tap repairs
  • Electric Shower installations
  • Shower booster pump installations
  • Towel rail installations
  • Wet room installations
  • Shower mixture installations
  • Wash hand base installations
  • Bathroom installation