Is it really possible to use the sun to provide the home with all the hot water needed for an average family in the UK?


Short answer is yes. It has been done and is currently being installed all over the UK.

It is a deceivingly simple concept. Place solar conductors on the roof of your home, business, have a circulating system to move the heated fluid between the conductors and a stoage tank, have a backup heating system, and controls to regulate the whole system.

Best Boiler Repair specialise in designing and instaling a bespoke solar powered hot water system.

Depending on which part of the UK you live will detering the effectiveness of the Solar powered  system. It is important to have a specifically designed solar system for each individual family requirements by doing some calculations to ensure the installation is designed accordingly.

A specially designed Solar hot water system UK. This will be the amount of solar energy needed to provide adequate hot water, or home heating for that matter, for each specific family.

Another connsideration is, does the local authority have any  rules concerning solar conductors on the roof?


It is best to know these things before purchasing equipment. After checking out these items, the next thing to do is look at the structure. How large is the roof where the conductors will be placed? Can it accommodate the panels that will be required to do the job? Then how far is it from the roof to the storage tank, in feet. This, of course, assumes the location of the storage tank has already been selected. Remember, there will be pipes going from the solar conductors on the roof to the tank and back again to the roof.

In most solar systems, the water that is going through the solar conductors is normally used as potable water therefore, it is important to ensure the sytem is protected from freezing by not using the water as potable water {for human use}. Best Boiler Repair will create a sealed system with the correct dose of anifreeze, ensuring the system does not freeze.

The advantage of having a solar system that is filled with antifeeze. Best Boiler Repair will install electrical valves, thermostats, timers and Time clocks that will take advantage of any heat the sun creates during the autumn, winter and spring to save even more money.

Another recommendation is to insulate the hot water pipes in the house to preserve the heat in the water and save energy. Depending on water usage, the cost of electricity or gas, an average savings of about £200 a month is possible.